… my fantasy living room.

I’ve always been fond of very opulent interiors. For me they are pure fantasy, lavish, glamorous and just plain beautiful. If I could have a grand great room…you know the sort you walk into by way of an overscale ornate iron front door, which opens into a foyer of Calcutta marble flooring, it would be adorned with a magnificent Murano chandelier. A focal point would be a large marquetry mahogany round pedestal table; with its centerpiece of hand picked white, lavender and blue hydrangeas interspersed with fragrant white and pink lily’s from my beautifully manicured garden of course….think Versailles (a girl can dream, right!). Here are the furnishings I would decorate with.

                                                                          Beginning with a Knole sofa


This one is a bit more contemporary in feel versus a more traditional look with double or triple seat cushions, bolster pillows, fringe detailing and more traditional fabric. This is one of the first upholstered sofas designed in 17th c. England. The back designed to keep the cold drafts at bay, and the convertible sides, perfect for nap taking held upright with cording.

20th c. Knole sofa with 17th c. tapestry, Christie’s
Add a table or two

If you’ve been reading my blog since it’s inception you may recall I have an affinity for neoclassical furniture, mainly 17th c. French, Louis the 16th style with it’s delicate linear lines. This gurideon table I’ve lusted over for years now; a pair would be just perfect flanking the sofa.

Then additional seating


A pair of high back wing chairs, gilded in gold with a neutral woven fabric. To place next to each gurideon table, would create a cozy conversational area. 

And finally

 To complete the seating for this grand great room a sensuous, elaborately carved daybed.

A few of my favorite decorative items would be
Blackamoor candelabras. I just love these stylized depictions of Africans from European 17th c. decorative arts. Yes, they could be seen as simply interpretations of slave figurines, but I see them as beautiful works of art. I like to think of them as black cherubs.

An elegant yet simple chandelier, juxtaposing all the truly stately furnishings.

And as a backdrop behind the sofa I would have an Asian depiction of a beautiful serene scene.

And in the center of it all a bamboo inspired coffee table.



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