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Time to re-organize your closet!

Spring is right around the corner, and with the new year and pending season comes a new attitude. I have taken stock of my wardrobe: outerwear, clothing, shoes and handbags and have decided less is definitely more? Anything I haven’t worn in three to five years I am donating, and even if I like a piece but it is older than 5 years I am donating it. Of course anything older with a high end designer label (Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Marc Bouwer etc.) will remain in my rotation. I’ve found that even though a garment is in good condition, and wearable, after a few seasons an item can tend to look ‘old’ and not current. So here are a few tips to help you decide if something is a keeper or not. 
Lets start from the top down. Shoulders: if the garments shoulders falls over your natural shoulder line or and has padding (as in shoulder pads)….it’s time to say goodbye unless that is, it’s a vintage Thierry Mugler, (the king of the power suit/line backer look of the 80’s.) Bust/chest area: It has to fit one of three ways! Either form fitting (hugging the body), gently skimming over your form and lastly a boxy fit; (keeping it in proportion with a slimmer bottom, pencil skirt or tapered pant; nothing in between.You want to show that there is a line of demarcation, and you are not just a square on top. Waistline: This is tricky, because many woman like to hide this general area, but be careful not to short change yourself and pretend that your mid-section does not exist. So belt it, tuck it in, or (the more current way of wearing a shirttail or sweater), half in-half out, for a nonchalant tucked in look. Also please streamline your trousers ladies, no pleats, flat fronts are best and find which type of waistline works best on you, a high waist (a bit hard on most), a natural waistline (best) or a lower waistline (for the flat tummy ladies only. Hip/thigh area: Find trousers with less fabric in that area, something more body conscious, streamlined, but not tight unless there is Lycra woven into the material to move with you. Hemline: Know thy self! If you’re blessed with great legs, show them off! If you are a bit modest, a knee grazing hemline will work for you as will a calf length hemline. Ankle grazing hemlines are best left for special/social occasions. And finally ankle area: the width of the leg opening of your trousers is important in the appearance of modernizing your look, trending are smaller leg openings, for a streamlined modern look and while you’re at it why not try a pair of cropped just above the ankle trousers….no socks please!
OK, now that you have gotten rid of 80% of your wardrobe…less is more remember, you’ll be able to find that perfect whisper of a sweater to toss over your sumptuous silk blouse (front tucked in only) and pair it with your ankle grazing tapered trousers and those chic pointed toe flats and clutch handbag this spring.
Darling! You look marvelous…
Here are some closet organizing systems to help keep your things in order; one of them should work for you.

Great for a closet with functional space on one wall only or great for creating a closet on 
one wall of your bedroom.

             And if you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet!

           …Don’t forget your accessories! This is something you can install on the inside of your closet door!


I like to organize my closet one of two ways; either by category and color ex: dresses, pants, skirts, tops, sweaters, shirts etc. from dark to light colors, or by creating outfits this takes time, but makes it a breeze getting dressed!

News alert: 

Zappos Couture the on-line destination for luxury items from esteemed fashion houses has hired Fashion’s very own Andre Leon Talley as Artistic Director. Visit the revamped site with lots of tips and antidotes from “Sir Eminence” himself!

Can’t believe it’s that time again New York Fashion Week! Designer’s are showing their Fall 2015 collections…more on Fashion Week next time.

                                             UNTIL NEXT TIME “WORK IT” ERB


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