IN THE MIX: Spring is finally here!

I don’t know about you, but I am so looking forward to shedding all those winter layers and darker colors we’ve been wearing for the past few months…seems like forever!

I was truly inspired from my European trip and got a fresh perspective on how I wanted to revamp my look. One of the first projects once returning home from Paris and Rome was to go through my closet and rid it of all the clothing I haven’t worn in years, clothing which wasn’t in mint condition and clothing which I didn’t feel projected the look and feel I’m all about this year; chic, confident and most of all MODERN!

This season some of the trends we’ll see are bold color; play with jolting head to toe color or try color blocking by wearing complimentary colors or unusual combinations. Why not maybe try pink and green, or pink and yellow for example. Try a bright colorful hue you would have never thought of wearing, or add something metallic. Prints galore from floral to graphic take center stage. Combine clashing prints or the same print in different scales for a modern nonchalant look. Mix a floral printed skirt with a boldly stripped tee. Stripes in black and white are a huge trend too, whether vertical or horizontal.

It is so easy to fall into a rut. One may get used to dressing a certain way.  Perhaps you’ve grown comfortable with specific looks and think you can wear only certain styles…well it’s time to think outside of the box!

Wear a shorter skirt if you have legs like “Tina Turner”, or try a more relaxed way of dressing if you’re always buttoned up and just so! If you’re always in classic trousers, try a slim pair of cropped pants. You have the idea, just try something different, you just might discover the new you waiting to be unveiled by doing so!

When it comes to accessorizing this season in my book it’s primarily all about simplicity… since there is so much going on already with prints, bold colors and mixing and matching. But if you are wearing an understated look, keep in mind ‘pearls’ are the breakout trend this season…not dainty little pearls like mom may have worn! but ‘jaw-breaker’ like pearls as seen at Chanel for it’s 2013 Spring runway show.
                A peep at some of the looks I’ll be wearing this Spring.            




















SPRING LOOKS from my Pinterest ‘Spring has Sprung’ board.
Just click on the link below.


Looking for a way to spruce up your rooms now that Spring is here, and a more light hearted feeling beckons, as Summer quickly approaches?

Lately I’ve been seeing lamp shades made of colorful interesting printed and textured fabrics.What a fun idea, and reasonably inexpensive way to change the feel of any room without the hassle of moving furniture, painting, or spending lots of money!…if you’re feeling both ambitious and creative why not try making this a DIY project. Just search online for some ‘do-it-yourself’ tips. Check out the novelty shades I found on the web.





While you’re at it why not add a coordinating throw pillow among several other complimentary ones.

Until next time…..”Work It” ERB


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