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               Birthday Dinner Roma, Italia

Paris & Rome

As you read this I am taking respite in Roma, the eternal city. I spent a few days in the magical city of lights, Paris; then hopped on the overnight train and now am here in Roma. Roma holds my heart. I have been here five times now, and find myself dreaming of living here (someday soon I hope). Both cities are quite beautiful, but I just find the French to own a slight air about them…as they should 🙂 and the Italians to be just a bit more inclusive. Both cities have lots of history, fantastic people watching, great food, and of course shopping! Paris I would say has the creme de la creme in the latest (de rigueur) but one can not beat Italy for its fine tailoring and workmanship. If you’ve never been to either city put them on your list of ‘must see’ places, and if you haven’t been in a while, its time for another trip!

Paris, France
A boutique which makes you want to go home and toss out every single last piece of clothing you own!…even though you may have a decent wardrobe. Colette is a store so tres chic it doesn’t even have its name posted! I tried to take photos…sorry none allowed!

           Located on this street

                                                                                       Store front



Rome, Italy
Eleonora: I feel the same about Eleonora, it has the latest, in all the top designers, and an enviable mix of accessories to boot! …This would be my ‘pretty woman’ shopping spree destination.

                                                                           Dolce and Gabbana display









For my fifteen day European jaunt I wanted to travel light and still look chic and polished…                    

(now this is coming from a girl who a few years ago packed 30 pairs of shoes for a 30 day trip)!
I believe I managed to pull it off. Following is my essential list of an all BLACK wardrobe. I guarantee it will see you through all.

2 Pair of ankle booties. 
   One high wedge and one shorter more practical heel.

1 Massive tote bag to carry all the necessary daily items; a shoulder strap is a plus!
   Wallet, phone, maps, water bottle, make-up bag, etc.

1 Hat, 1 leather glove, 1 fingerless knit glove for extra warmth and ease of mobility.

1 umbrella.
   Because as I saw posted in a store…you can’t have a rainbow without rain.

1 Wide statement belt.

2 Scarves.
   One super warm fringed cashmere, and one fun Mongolian lamb.

1 Over sized cashmere shawl.
   Good for an extra layer of warmth or to use as a blanket while traveling on plane or over night train!

3 Pairs of sunglasses.
   Jackie O, aviator, and tortoiseshell look classic wayfarers…remember it’s all in the details!

1 Light weight down jacket.

1 Over sized wool knit novelty sweater jacket.

1 Cashmere V-neck pullover.

1 Cashmere button front cardigan.

2 Long sleeve turtleneck sweaters.

   Cotton ribbed, and sheerly textured.

1 Novelty longer style fur vest.

1 Sequined long sleeve wool novelty pullover. 

4 Leggings, all very different. Jodhpur like, leather look, basic knit, and motor cycle inspired.

1 Pair of dark wash skinny jeans. Dark jeans are much more polished.

2 "Modesty" fanny wraps :-) A short jersey pull-on 'A' line skirt, and a whisper light cardigan with flowing front tails to fall freely or tie around your hips. I use either when I want to cover my derriere!

I also packed about a half dozen or so long sleeve v-neck and scoop neck tees to layer under sweaters for extra warmth and to keep sweaters fresher longer.

For special evenings out I packed:

A LBD, reminiscent of a 'Valentino' with it's sheer lace and pleated bodice along with pleated skirt. I bought it at a little gem of a boutique in Harlem, New York. To accessorize a pair of high heeled sequined round toe pumps, and a clutch bag with gold chain detail.

b.o.r.n (Vintage and designer clothing for women and men who want the drama of the past living in the world today)
52 West 125th Street
New York, New York 10027

Another evening look I packed a lace cropped pant, sleeveless tunic with lace bodice yoke detail, 'rock stud' kitten heels, and a tiny Louis Vuitton shoulder purse.

And there you have it, Esther's Essentials for a winter European respite. 



   Until next time…..”Work It" ERB


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