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I’m sure if after living in a space for eight years like me, you may be toying with the idea of trying something completely different regarding the design aesthetics of your home, maybe if it’s only in regard to just the color scheme. I live in a very neutral home, ivories, creams, whites, accented with gilt detail, reminiscent of  a classical French styled pied-a-terre with a few transitional pieces. I absolutely love my home, but lately I’ve been thinking about how nice a jolt of bright color would be. Maybe a sumptuous shade of salmon velvet to re-upholster my Louis the XVI style fauteuils (arm chairs) or even a turquoise blue velvet for the two high back bergeres (closed armed chairs) to balance out the room with it’s Ivory colored tufted settee.

I know most of us can’t run out and purchase an entire new collection of  furniture…but if you would like to give your home a completely new feel, following are some tips and guidelines for both ‘Cheery Colorful Decor Ideas’ and ‘Modern Aesthetics’.

Trends in fashion design, and home decor pretty much parallel each other. This season ‘Bold, Beautiful Color’ is dominant in fashion as well as in home design. From the brightest hued magenta’s, citrus yellows, rich cornflower blues, to ivy greens, your home can become an electric, energized, inspirational filled space!

To integrate bold color into your home, with a less permanent effect, add vibrantly colored fresh flowers in a favorite vase, toss a half dozen or so solid or printed throw pillows about your sofas and chairs, construct a focal point by displaying a group of decorative items on a table (vase, frame, bowl, ceramic box, lamp etc.), scatter a few different patterned throw rugs about your great room, or one statement making one in your foyer, buy a beautiful hued throw to add a pop of color over an armchair. Display amazing eclectic colorful china on your dinning table, this way you’ll always be ready for a fine dinning experience even if it’s just take-out! Change out a few lamp shades around your home, re-upholster that old bench, or chair you’ve been meaning to do with an over scaled brightly patterned fabric. Try a new bed ensemble in a color which will elevate your mood! Why not buy a pair of drapes too which contrast in pattern but compliment that new ensemble. For a bit more of a permanent change, wall paper the powder room in a fun vibrant pattern, or paint an accent wall or entire room with an incredible hue.

Check out my Inspirational board at Pinterest for ‘Cheery Decor Ideas‘! Click below link.

If you are interested in a ‘Modern Aesthetic’ keeping with the trend in ‘Ready-To-Wear’ think ‘Minimal Urban’ looks. Here are some guide lines to help get you that look. Think clean lines, geometric shapes, mostly angular ones. De-construct, the room, keep it void of clutter! Keep table tops minimally decorated, (use no more that three items), in design odd numbers are always favored. Your modern color scheme could be composed from shades of greys, taupe’s, and black, (a touch of black always anchors a room). Of course always integrate anything you love in a space making it your own! Finishes throughout the home for decorative items, lighting fixtures etc. can be in silver, (highly polished or matte), gunmetal, lacquered, black, brass, or even gold; try mixing them together. Keep floors clear, whether wooden or wall to wall carpet; or try one eye catching statement runner or rug. Incorporate elements of glass, metal, leather, marble, lucite, stainless steel and wood into your surroundings, through decorative or functional pieces such as side tables, stools, additional seating, side boards, book cases, storage units etc..Play with bold or subtle patterns, as well as textures.

Check out my Inspirational board at Pinterest for ‘Modern Aesthetics‘! Click below link.




I believe accessories make the outfit…you know attention to detail! Necklaces, earrings, bracelets/bangles/cuffs, watches, rings, scarves, sunglasses, handbags and especially shoes! I will admit I am a bit of a shoe horse! If I could, I would have a shoe for every day of the year….for now I have 104 and counting! However, for me it’s not about who designs the shoe, but how it’s going to feel after an eight hour day and most importantly, how the shoe looks! One could almost get away with wearing the same outfit everyday and I emphasize ‘almost’, if you mixed it up with different accessories.

Here I’ll share with you from my own closet different shoe ideas to incorporate into your shoe wardrobe. Colors, textures, heel heights, toe-box shapes, heel shapes, special detailing etc. I like the idea of being prepared for every occasion which may arise. So if I know a dress may look amazing with a certain style of shoe, and if I spot it and don’t already own something like it, I will see if I can work it into my budget, or if not…just eat beans for a week!

Shoe tips: For added comfort, have a shoemaker add a rubber sole to the bottom front sole; this will help absorb the shock from the concrete streets and sidewalks. Remember to get the heel lifts replaced before they wear down to the shoes leather/cloth material. There is nothing worse than dirty shoes! keep ‘saddle soap’ on hand to clean away any scuff marks or dried dirt and a stiff brush meant for keeping suede looking like new.


 Not just for evening any longer, they can act as a neutral, and take you easily from daytime to evening chic!


                                   A great way to add a jolt of color to an all black, white, or neutral color story.
                        Again a fun way to add interest and texture to an other wise monochromatic, ensemble.
                   A must for the classic wardrobe, always chic! Wear with skirts, dresses, and trousers too.
                                                     A basic for the everyday working woman’s wardrobe.
                                                                               Again a reliable go to! 

      A fresh way of adding an understated color to your shoe wardrobe, looks great with grays and white!
Add a little novelty with textured and contrasting details!


 Try a heftier sandal/bootie to balance out more urban inspired looks.

                                           A welcomed treat for the feet, even at five inches high!

                                              One can never have too many black shoes!

 A blast from the past!
                                                             Comfort should not be taken lightly.
Make it comfy with a splash of color!

                  What girl doesn’t like baubles and jewels anywhere on her? Hand’s or feet!

                             Paillettes, platforms, satin cloths, stilettos what more is evening about?

I hope you’ve gotten some ideas on how to vamp up your shoe wardrobe!

Until next time…..”Work it”


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