As summer draws to a close and the cooler mornings and evenings remind of the crisp fall days just around the corner, I ponder on what the minimal pieces are, to purchase which will maximize my wardrobe. The ‘must haves’! I prefer timeless pieces as the staple go-to items year after year … think Quality vs. Quantity. The Fall season happens to be my favorite time of year. Perfect weather in my book, also great for fabulous hair days with its low humidity 🙂 and just enough chill in the air to throw on a light weight cover up.

This season it’s all about the cape as the go-to cover up! Personally I still prefer a classic trench coat with its versatility of day into evening panache, or a cashmere cardigan, lightweight and sumptuous, you can’t help but feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud.

To feel like you are walking on a cloud why not try the go-to shoe of the season. The ‘loafer’! Not the traditional heeled penny loafer you may be envisioning, but the sky high heeled loafer making it a sportier alternative to the ‘nude’ polished, lady like pump which should be on your must have footwear shopping list. Try either shoe in a platform version, much more comfortable and easier to withstand an eight hour day. A tip, find a ‘nude’ color close to your natural skin tone it’ll automatically lengthen yours gams, (and who couldn’t use longer looking legs)! But PLEASE no wearing of skin toned hosiery, even though Kate, (excuse me) Katherine and Pipa are trying to revive the look! We’ve been liberated from this look for several seasons now.

Speaking of royalty, ‘Plaid’ has made a comeback this season; although made new at times by unexpected color combinations. Back in the 1700’s it was said that the wearing of a specific plaid pattern (Black watch, Tartan, Highland, Glen plaid etc.)… told where a person came from certainly in more ways than one. Try this pattern in a blazer or blouse, and if you’re daring a great fitting trouser. The Polka dot, the classic motif is hot again too! Try mixing various sizes together, in complementary color combinations…. nothing too crazy now, restraint please!

An adornment which is just everywhere this season, whether in fashion or home décor is the ‘Tassel’. Think big, huge, exaggerated, oversized, larger-than-life! Loop a leather tri-color tassel as a finishing touch around a sleek circular high polished modern desk draw pull or allow in the warming autumn light into your home with tassel ‘tie backs’ for your drapery. Leather tassels are also seen on footwear and handbags, earrings and necklaces are made of chain tassels too, for a fresh fun updated touch.

Thinking about updating your look for the season, but really on a tight budget? Not a problem, here are two ways to update which are quite reasonable; detachable collars are one way to spruce up your look. It’ll take a basic sweater, or dresses neckline to a new level. Collars are seen in all materials too; fabric, sequins, leather and metal! Add a little gold (well maybe not the real thing since it has hit a record high of over $1900 an ounce). Try the fresh coloring of rose gold say in a watch, bangle, large link bracelet, sculptural embellishment necklace or two matching cuffs, reminiscent of ‘Wonder Woman’. It’s sure to add some dazzle to your fall pieces.

Now where can you find these must have items to update your Essential Wardrobe Basics? These days I prefer the convenient modern way of shopping vs. running around dealing with crowds, tired feet, and the all important restroom quest :-). Some of my favorite places to shop or should I say window shop or maybe more appropriate ‘virtual shop’ is on-line. Websites like Net-a-porter, Luisviaroma, Yoox, Shopbop, Bluefly, Styleshop, Zapposcouture, transport you for a moment or two to thinking you are actually in Paris or Italy snatching up the latest coveted items…without leaving the comfort of your home and the huge savings of airfare!

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