Now that you’ve taken a look at my website and know a bit more about me, I’ll be blogging about various topics related to both fashion and interior design. The two after all are inter-related, and I can say I’m equally passionate about both!

A glamorous Louis Vuitton shoe such as the “Beauty” from last season’s Fall 2010 collection made me dream about owning a pair almost every night, but it was more important to pay rent lol! Get me in an antique shop or interior design showroom and I just drool…especially over anything neoclassical, say Louis XVI hmm…I guess the two ‘Louie’s’ may share a common place in my heart!

So what’s hot, new, de-rigueur for the approaching Fall 2011 season? Well anything ‘Ethnically’ inspired; it may be the breakout trend of the several which exist. I revel in the idea of a chunky knit ‘fisherman’ or ‘Alpine’ inspired style belted cardigan, worn with the ‘new’ longer length skirt…(maybe a peasant style) paired with a more practical, substantial high heeled richly colored leather boot. I can almost see myself strolling through the manicured lawns of a country estate up north, navigating my way with a fallen branch in my hand and my Brussels Griffon prancing alongside me happier than ever. Oh by-the-way his name is ‘Hunter’…

…which brings me to the color ‘Green’ (yes, cobalt blue is splattered all over the pages of all the fashion magazines and seen in many Fall fashion shows), however I feel there is something very fresh and new about this hue, it just seems right! Try a deep rich ‘Kelly’ green or something a bit crisper like a ‘Grass’ green which is a bit brighter! Mix them with dark camel/cognac, mocha brown/chocolate, burgundy/raspberry, or with navy or grey.

Lastly let me mention the newest textural trend, ‘python’ (as in snakeskin) or at least the look of it. It’s seen in every color variation imaginable for this 2011 fall season. And is a chic addition to the mix of current modern prints. It adorns footwear, handbags, apparel, accessories… just about anything and everything!

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