JUST IN TIME FOR SUMMER…fresh, fun ideas to incorporate into your home design.

Lighten up your space and bring the outdoors in.

Four Walls & A Roof

Add interest with a fresh shade on your interior windows.

Unify pieces you cherish in one spot. 


Try colorful glass table lamps.

De-clutter your space, keep things simple.


Add a touch of whimsy, layering colors.

Create a focal point, group together a collection.

Arch Inspire

Layer colorful throw pillows.


Whiten up your space.

Ideas for Interior

Choose a color your absolutely love and run with it.


When in doubt add navy.


Layer patterns.


                                 UNTIL NEXT TIME “WORK IT” ERB                                                       Esther welcomes opportunities to style individuals or interiors as well as promote fashion and design events.

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