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In collaboration with Sage Designs L.A. I am happy to share with you a curated mini collection from this extensive line of fine jewelry from this renowned West Coast jeweller. Diamonds, gem stones, gold and platinum are just a few of the luxurious materials you’ll find along with fab “Right Hand” rings, adorning earrings and statement necklaces.

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Design House Moschino has launched a new fragrance, called Toy. Jeremy Scott the Creative Director designed a perfume bottle which looks like a teddy bear.
…talk about creative genius!

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New to the beauty arena an extensive collection of lipsticks by Tom Ford. The “Lips & Boys Collection” comprised of a 50 shade color palette. Especially for all you die hard luxury fans who love their designer cosmetics. Debuting on “Black Friday” November 28th.

Photo Credit: Thomas Iannaccone

Trinket boxes from Lanvin for the Lanvin fashion lover. Featured here is just one from the collection. What a perfect holiday gift!

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There is a new pattern moving in on Leopard! Camouflage. 
Wear it as you would any leopard pattern. It’ll take your look to the next level…and it’s available in several fun color ways too!

A good basic which will make all your skirts and pants even jeans look stylish, a great wool or cashmere crew or v-neck long sleeve sweater, it’ll give a fresh elegant look to all you pair it with.

Why not try a pair of real or faux leather sweatpants for running around on the weekends, it’ll give you a really chill look.

Denim not just for weekends anymore. This classic fabric has gone main stream! Trending in all the Spring 2015 runway shows, so look to add it into your wardrobe in an even bigger way.

Here are the items I believe every man 30 and over should own for an essential basic year-round wardrobe for both work and weekends.

      CASUAL                                                          DRESSY
Leather “Biker” Jacket                                                                                        
Navy or Black Pea or Toggle coat                                                    
Tweed, Plaid or Corduroy Blazer                                                
A Hooded Parka with zip out lining 
Down sleeveless vest
                                                                                  Linen or Cotton Relaxed Jacket/Blazer
                                                                                  Wool knee length Reefer dbl. or single breasted                                                                                                                    (try the new soft-shoulder style coat)

                                       or all weather Trench with zip out lining

Plaid Flannel                                                       
Denim Shirt                                                        
L/S Sporty Shirt
S/S Sporty Shirt
Polo’s (Long or S/S)
                                                                        Crisp white shirts, stripe, plaid and check. Throw in 
                                                                          a french cuff or two for something a bit more special.


Dark Wash Jeans (Black or Navy)                            
White Jeans                                                                  
Corduroy Jeans (In a Great Color)                             
Cargo Pants (Olive/Drab Green)                              
(Chose slim or straight legs)                         
Swim trunks                                                                                                                                   
                                                                                        Black Lt. weight worsted wool trouser   

Single Breasted Lt. weight Navy worsted wool
Dbl. Breasted Lt. Weight Charcoal grey
Pinstripe suit (Navy or Grey)
Plaid Dbl. Breasted suit possibly an earth tone
(or just a sport coat in the same feel).

Zip-front funnel neck Wool, Cashmere or Cotton
Chunky Tweed Cardigan
Light weight Wool or Cotton Knit Cardigan
Light weight Wool or Cotton Knit Vest
L/S Button Front Henley
Crew neck T
V-neck T (Black, white grey and a few of your favorite colors).

Under Garments
Sleeveless Tees
S/S Tees (U-neck & V-neck)
Thermal L/S tops
Long Johns
Boxers or Briefs
Sweat socks
Thermal socks
Dress socks (Have fun here with basic colors plus unexpected colors)!

Work Boots/Biker Boots
Suede Oxford “Brogue”(In a fun color) or Bucks
Statement Sneakers
Leather Sandals
Flip Flops
Slip-On Dress
Lace-Up Oxfords
Protective Rubber Slip-On’s

Ties (Have fun with various colors, patterns and widths).
Pocket Squares (Get creative, choose statement making selections).
Hats (Your choice! fedora, trapper, knit beanie, baseball, straw).
Gloves (Leather dress gloves, waterproof insulated).
Scarf (Cashmere, wool knit, bandannas).
Bag (Shoulder, portfolio, attache…please backpacks only for hiking)!
Belts (Casual and Dressy or just invest in an Hermes which is reversible and timeless)!
A pair of cuff links are a must (why not make them a pair of conversational ones, ex. golf club and ball, tennis rackets, Bull and Bear…you get the picture)!
An umbrella big enough to fit into your bag.
Sunglasses (select a pair that give you that cool factor)!

Styling Tips

  • So your look doesn’t appear dated here are a few tips to note when building your essential wardrobe.
  • Modernize your suit looks by selecting double vented backs, and two button jackets. Keep the single vents for your casual tweed, plaid or corduroy jackets.
  • Consider your physical built when selecting a suit, are you naturally slender or do you have an “athletic” built? So decide whether a European cut (brand) vs. an American cut (brand) would work best for your body type.
  • Always choose a flat front trouser over pleats! 
  • Make sure your trouser leg circumference is a slim, modern and tapered one.
  • Tuxedos! This is optional since you can always rent one, but I think a very nice midnight navy suit works just as well for a formal occasion (I don’t care for black suits) that is unless you are invited to a “State Dinner”meeting the Pres…
  • Integrate some camouflage (available in all sort of color combinations now) into your wardrobe for an instant update.
  • Always purchase the best quality you can afford.

Now Don’t Forget the Grooming Gentlemen!

A Grooming Kit: A basic one with all the essential tools you’ll need for your basic grooming.

Hair: Why not update your current look! Try shorter sides, with a longer top, to wear either with styling pomade or without. Or take the plunge and shave your head, if you’ve been dealing with pattern baldness. Have a professional “blowout” once a week it you’re rocking shoulder length or longer hair!

Mustache and Beards: If you choose to go this route, please just keep it neatly trimmed.

Nails: Treat yourself to a professional manicure and pedicure once in a while…trust me you’ll wonder why you’ve waited so long to do so!

Cologne: Don’t forget to top everything off with a signature scent.


The Essentials at Mr. Porter


Cozy up into some sheepskin furniture in you home…
With the prospect of this being a very cold winter why not add extra warmth with these uber cozy pieces.

1st dibs

Custom Made

Jonathan Adler



Dwell Studio
Neiman Marcus




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