WHAT MY DREAM HOME WOULD LOOK LIKE…here are some decor ideas I would consider. 

A living room which looked a little like this would suit me well. It would have to be vibrant, colorful and warm. Welcoming and dramatic as well, eliciting curious eyes to explore each inch of the room.
Interior Design Magazine

Just a beautiful space for eight will do nicely, thank you.
Huff Post

I love the clean lines and classic feel of this master bedroom suite. It  appears airy, yet sumptuous and cozy at the same time. The color palette is calming and lends itself to easily layering in different seasonal accessories throughout the year.  And of course there should be room for a chaise too.
Suzanne Kasler

Beautiful Bed Linens.
A modern en suite master bath is a must, along with a fabulous walk-in closet 
                        …and lush towels to complete the overall luxe feel.

I love the idea of an all white kitchen, with top of the line appliances, an island made from a beautiful marble slab, along with white and glass cabinets. A fancy chandelier adds elegance, and well two…that’s dramatic.
Randi Garrett Design
I’ve always envisioned having wonderful copper pots hanging from a ceiling rack in my ultimate kitchen.
An unexpected touch to personalize this extravagant kitchen would be the addition of  some real copper tiles incorporated into the design.
                                                                                                           Decorative Ceiling Tiles
A powder room which is beautiful, and sparkles like a jewel box is always fun. Glistening Chinoiserie wall covering, exquisite wall sconces and yes a basin of gold metal and faucets completes the opulent look.
Jones Byrne Margeotes Partners
I suppose classic design with a twist really resonates with me…but always with a touch of glam! 

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